Product Architect / Technology Lead

Product Architect:

  • Developed and Designed UX/Infrastructure for 100's of Web/Mobile Apps
  • Full Process Requirement Gathering, Business/Process Modeling, Revenue Optimization, UX Design, Journey Mapping, Technology Infrastructure Design.
  • Business focus while creating next generation applications utilizing the latest technologies for your benefit.

Technology Lead:

  • Managed a team of 60 in implementation of customer solutions across a wide variety of technologies.
  • Managed $+1 Million in Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud / Saas Subject Matter Expert
  • Project Technologies: Java, Nodejs, Python, PHP, React, Angular, SQL, NoSQL, AWS, Azure, OWASP, NLP, NLTK, Spacy, Machine Learning, Pytorch, Tensorflow


  • Clinical Document Annonimization - Next Gen App Design/Implementation
  • Cloud Clinical Data Sharing Platform - Lead Design and Implementation
  • Genomics Anonimization -Cloud Architect Azure
  • Monolith to Microservices Architecture Migration - Lead Architect / Cloud Subject Matter Expert
  • AI Symptom/Answer Clinical Diagnosis - Lead Engineer

What do you want?

  • High ROI Technology Solutions
  • Next Gen Solutions with Purpose
  • 17 Years Experience

Matthew Davis

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